Welding Fundamentals

Provided by: Ivy Tech

This course provides a basic study and application of commonly utilized welding processes as well as additional topics such as: welding blueprint reading, OSHA 10 hour and welding safety, weld joint design, welding terminology, and welding quality control.  Students will prepare for their welding education, as well as their welding career through exposure to the welding lab environment and classroom. Students will also train with the latest in Virtual Welding Simulation.  In addition, this course will prepare students to take nationally recognized certification exam(s).

Course Objectives:

  • Understand and identify welding symbols and blueprints
  •  Discuss the need for workplace safety and workplace safety training programs as covered by the OSHA 10 hour program
  • Demonstrate basic welding techniques using virtual welding simulators. 

Recommended Background

  • None

Course ID

WELD 100


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Ivy Tech


Communication, Critical Thinking, Personal Effectiveness, Welding, Safety Practices, OSHA 10 Hour Program

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