Limit Switches and Proximity Sensors

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"Limit Switches and Proximity Sensors" introduces users to commonly used manufacturing sensors that detect the presence or absence of an object. Limit switches are mechanical sensors that require physical contact to be actuated. There are many variations of limit switches, including different operating mechanisms and environmental classifications. Proximity sensors, including inductive, capacitive, and Hall Effect sensors, do not require physical contact because they use an electronic or magnetic sensing field. These devices have different advantages and disadvantages and are used for various applications. Limit switches and proximity sensors are widely used for automated systems in all types of industries. They are used to control speed and motion as well as detect, count, position, and divert parts. After taking this class, users will understand the function, application, and installation considerations for commonly used limit switches and proximity sensors.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe sensors
  • Describe limit switches
  • Describe different limit switch classifications
  • Describe the parts of a limit switch
  • Distinguish between types of rotary actuators
  • Distinguish between types of plunger actuators
  • Describe limit switch operation
  • Describe considerations for limit switch selection and installation
  • Describe specialized limit switches
  • Describe proximity sensors
  • Describe inductive proximity sensors
  • Describe capacitive proximity sensors
  • Distinguish between shielded and non-shielded proximity sensors
  • Describe factors that affect the sensing range of proximity sensors
  • Describe proper installation of proximity sensors
  • Describe other types of proximity sensors
  • Describe Hall Effect sensors
  • Describe how Hall Effect sensors work.

Recommended Background

  • Recommended for mechanical/electrical/plumbing maintenance technicians.

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Communication, Critical Thinking, Personal Effectiveness, Switches, Smart Sensors

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Estimated Effort

3.5 hrs



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