Clutch and Brake Applications

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"Clutch and Brake Applications" covers the functionality of various clutch and brake types where many industrial machines use clutches and brakes to cause or prevent the transfer of motion through mechanical systems. Understanding how different clutches and brakes function and how to choose appropriate components for a particular system is essential to regulating the safe and efficient transfer of energy. Clutches and brakes also work in conjunction with other power transmission components and must be properly maintained to prevent machine damage. Machine operators must determine which clutches and brakes are most suitable for an application based on machine loads, operating speeds, and the general type of machine application. They must also recognize signs of wear and determine when clutching and braking components should be repaired or replaced. After taking, this course, users will understand clutch and brake function, and appropriate procedures for safe clutch and brake operation

Course Objectives:

  • Describe clutches and brakes
  • Distinguish between different types of clutch and brake actuation
  • Describe friction clutch and brake systems
  • Describe disk clutches
  • Describe disk brakes
  • Describe cone clutches and brakes
  • Distinguish between types of drum clutches and brakes
  • Describe band brakes and their common uses
  • Describe spring-applied clutches and brakes
  • Distinguish between different types of positive clutches
  • Describe overrunning clutches
  • Describe contact-style electromagnetic clutches and brakes
  • Describe noncontact-style electromagnetic clutches and brakes
  • Describe factors affecting clutch and brake selection
  • Explain important considerations for installing and replacing clutches and brakes
  • Explain important considerations for regular clutch and brake inspection and maintenance
  • Explain important safety considerations for clutches and brakes.

Recommended Background

  • Recommended for mechanical/electrical/plumbing maintenance technicians.

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Communication, Critical Thinking, Personal Effectiveness, Shaft Machining

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3 hrs



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