Bearing Applications

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"Bearing Applications" provides an overview of the many different types of bearings used in mechanical applications - they are an essential part of many applications because they provide movement and reduce friction. A variety of bearing types are available. Each type of bearing accepts different loads, works in specific ways, and requires the appropriate lubrication regimens and maintenance procedures. As a result, both an application's key variables and a bearing's capabilities must be assessed in order to choose the most appropriate bearing for the application's needs. Without proper application and maintenance, bearings will function less efficiently, increasing the chance for premature failure and downtime. A lack of knowledge will consequently slow production as well as add excess waste and cost to the process. After taking this class, a user should be able to accurately select bearings and take the measures necessary to ensure optimal bearing life.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the purpose of bearings
  • Describe the factors that affect bearing selection
  • Describe plain bearings
  • Distinguish between journal and linear bearings
  • Describe the role lubrication plays in plain-bearing operation
  • Describe the different types of plain-bearing lubrication
  • Describe anti-friction bearings
  • Describe ball bearings
  • Describe Conrad, slot-fill, and angular ball bearings
  • Describe thrust ball bearings
  • Describe roller bearings
  • Describe cylindrical, spherical, and needle roller bearings
  • Describe tapered roller bearings
  • Describe magnetic bearings
  • Distinguish between active and passive magnetic bearings
  • Describe important considerations for bearing assembly and installation
  • Describe the common symptoms of bearing fatigue
  • Describe common symptoms of other forms of bearing failure.

Recommended Background

  • Recommended for mechanical/electrical/plumbing maintenance technicians.

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Communication, Critical Thinking, Personal Effectiveness, Bearing Application, Maintenance

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3.5 hrs



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