Hydraulic Schematics and Basic Circuit Design

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"Hydraulic Schematics and Basic Circuit Design" provides an overview of basic hydraulic circuit configurations and the standard fluid symbols in fluid schematic diagrams. A hydraulic schematic diagram uses lines and symbols to provide a visual display of fluid paths within a hydraulic circuit. A hydraulic schematic also indicates the types and capabilities of components in the circuit. Basic hydraulic circuits use strategic placement of control valves and components to manipulate fluid and achieve specific results. A knowledge of standard fluid symbols and schematic diagrams is necessary in order to work with basic and complex hydraulic circuits. This course teaches users how to read a basic schematic diagram and how to relate a schematic diagram to a hydraulic circuit.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe basic hydraulic circuits
  • Describe fluid symbols and schematic diagrams
  • Identify common line symbols in a hydraulic circuit schematic
  • Identify common fitting symbols in a hydraulic circuit schematic
  • Identify prime mover symbols
  • Identify hydraulic pump symbols
  • Identify actuator symbols
  • Identify directional control valve symbols
  • Distinguish between pressure control valve symbols
  • Identify flow control valve symbols
  • Identify symbols for filters and heat exchangers
  • Describe hydraulic intensifier symbols and circuits
  • Describe accumulator symbols and circuits
  • Describe how to control single-acting cylinder circuits and double-acting cylinder circuits
  • Describe circuits used to lock or sequence actuators
  • Describe speed control circuits
  • Describe a pump unloading circuit.

Recommended Background

  • Recommended for mechanical/electrical/plumbing maintenance technicians.

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Communication, Critical Thinking, Personal Effectiveness, Fluid Power, Schematic Design, Electricity

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2.5 hrs



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