Creating a CNC Milling Program

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“Creating a CNC Milling Program” illustrates the process of creating a part program for a CNC mill. Writing the part program is only one step in the process of creating a part. The toolpaths created within a part program depend upon the sequence of operations necessary to machine a part. Different G code programming codes perform the different tasks within the part program, from setting speed and feed to activating rapid positioning. Canned cycles and subprograms help to short the length of part programs. All programs need to be checked by proving out. Programming and how it relates to the axes on a CNC mill are critical for a programmer to successfully create a part program that produces accurate parts. After taking this class, users should be able to describe how to write a part program that machines a basic rectangular part on the CNC mill.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the role of a part program
  • Describe the major steps necessary before the creation of a part program
  • Describe a toolpath
  • Identify the codes used to determine the mode of tool movement
  • Describe how program codes translate into tool movement
  • Identify common codes located at the beginning of a toolpath
  • Identify the codes that perform tool changes
  • Identify the cutting variable measurements used in speed and feed codes
  • Identify the role of templates in a program
  • Explain how to program face milling operations using G code programming
  • Explain how a pocket milling operation is programmed using G code programming
  • Distinguish between the arc center and radius methods for programming circular interpolation
  • Explain the execution of a subprogram
  • Describe a canned cycle
  • Explain how the drilling and milling of holes is programmed using G code programming
  • Explain the parameters necessary to program tapped holes in G code programming
  • Describe the purpose of proving out.

Recommended Background

  • Recommended for all manufacturing personnel operating CNC machines.

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Communication, Critical Thinking, Personal Effectiveness, CNC Milling, Programming, Toolpaths

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Estimated Effort

3.5 hrs



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