Grinding Wheel Materials

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"Grinding Wheel Materials" provides a detailed overview of the various abrasive and bond materials used in grinding wheels. The properties of the abrasive grains and bond material are important factors in any grinding operation. Abrasives vary not only in type but also in size, hardness, and friability. Bond material can vary in porosity, strength, and amount. These materials, when combined, can greatly affect material removal rates and surface finish. "Grinding Wheel Materials" details various abrasive and bond properties, in addition to superabrasives and ANSI nomenclature. When undertaking a grinding operation, the ability to select the correct grinding wheel is crucial to a successful outcome. The wrong grinding wheel can slow production, ruin surface finish, or otherwise fail to create a usable part. A working knowledge of grinding wheel materials will help to ensure high quality, high productivity, and low scrap rates.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the basic components of a grinding wheel
  • Describe key properties of abrasive grains
  • Describe abrasive grain sizes
  • Describe key properties of abrasive grains
  • Describe abrasive grain sizes
  • Distinguish between conventional abrasives and superabrasives
  • Describe aluminum oxide grinding wheels
  • Describe silicon carbide grinding wheels
  • Describe zirconia alumina grinding wheels
  • Describe ceramic aluminum oxide grinding wheels
  • Describe diamond grinding wheels
  • Describe cubic boron nitride grinding wheels
  • Describe the contents of an ANSI conventional abrasive grinding wheel label
  • Describe the contents of ANSI identification labels for superabrasive grinding wheels
  • Describe bond material
  • Describe bond grades
  • List the types of wheel bonds
  • Describe the key aspects of vitrified bonds
  • Describe common organic bonds
  • Describe the bonds used in superabrasive wheels.

Recommended Background

  • Recommended for manufacturing personnel handling surface/cylindrical/centreless grinding equipment etc.

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Communication, Critical Thinking, Personal Effectiveness, Grinding Wheel Basics, Bonding Basics

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