Basics of the Centerless Grinder

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During centerless grinding, a rotating regulating wheel moves a workpiece, supported by a work rest blade, along a rotating grinding wheel. This abrasive process removes a layer of material from the surface of the workpiece. Its cutting variables include wheel speed, spindle speed, surface or work speed, and feed rate. During throughfeed and endfeed grinding, workpieces move along the length of the grinding wheel, while infeed grinding pushes a shaped workpiece into the grinding wheel. Centerless grinding produces accurate parts with improved surface finish. An operator cannot use a centerless grinder without understanding how the machine functions.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the basic centerless grinding process
  • Identify the essential components of the centerless grinder
  • Identify the controls on the centerless grinder
  • Describe the different abrasive wheels used in centerless grinding
  • Describe throughfeed centerless grinding
  • Describe infeed centerless grinding
  • Describe endfeed centerless grinding
  • Describe internal centerless grinding
  • Describe common practices for wheel maintenance
  • Describe the different cutting variables used in centerless grinding.

Recommended Background

  • Recommended for manufacturing personnel handling surface/cylindrical/centreless grinding equipment etc.

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Communication, Critical Thinking, Personal Effectiveness, Centerless Grinding Basics, Maintenence

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