Intro to OSHA

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Most U.S. workplaces are covered by OSHA, and its existence has greatly improved workplace safety. Some industries are not covered by OSHA, however, and some states have safety programs that take the place of OSHA. OSHA standards are enforceable by law. Compliance with OSHA standards is enforced by inspections and record keeping, which have specific steps and requirements. Employers and employees have different rights and responsibilities regarding OSHA standards. Both employers and employees benefit from basic knowledge about OSHA's purpose, standards, and practices. Violations of OSHA standards are punishable by law and render the workplace unsafe for all personnel. A basic awareness of the standards, rights, and responsibilities will help employees to bolster workplace safety as well as keep the workplace legally compliant.

Course Objectives:

  • Define OSHA
  • Distinguish between employees covered by OSHA and those who are not
  • Define "standard" as used by OSHA
  • Describe the various hazards covered by OSHA standards
  • Describe OSHA's compliance program
  • List the order of priority for OSHA inspections
  • List the steps in an OSHA inspection
  • Describe the involvement of employees in OSHA onsite inspections
  • Describe employer responsibilities for workplace safety standards
  • Describe the rights of employers regarding OSHA standards
  • Describe employee responsibilities for maintaining workplace safety
  • Describe the rights of employees regarding OSHA safety standards
  • Define variance
  • Distinguish between the types of variances
  • Describe OSHA recordkeeping and reporting requirements for employers
  • Explain recordable incident standards
  • Describe methods of obtaining further information on workplace safety.

Recommended Background

  • Recommended for all personnel in the manufacturing workplace.

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Communication, Critical Thinking, Personal Effectiveness, OSHA Requuirements, Workplace Safety

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2 hrs



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