Approaches to Maintenance

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"Approaches to Maintenance" provides an introduction to common manufacturing maintenance strategies, including reactive, corrective, predictive, preventive, reliability-centered, and total productive maintenance. This class describes the advantages and disadvantages of each method, the benefits of planned downtime, and the importance of a customized maintenance approach. Having a targeted, well-designed maintenance plan reduces costly machine breakdowns and production downtime.

Course Objectives:

  • Define maintenance
  • Describe the importance of maintenance
  • Define reactive maintenance
  • Define corrective maintenance
  • Describe the disadvantages of RM and CM
  • Define preventive maintenance
  • Describe the limitations of a PM approach
  • Define predictive and condition-based maintenance
  • Describe PdM techniques
  • Define reliability-centered maintenance
  • Describe the reliability-centered maintenance approach
  • Define total production maintenance
  • Describe the benefits of a TPM system
  • Describe the significance of planned downtime on maintenance
  • Describe factors involved in selecting a maintenance approach.

Recommended Background

  • Recommended for Manufacturing personnel, including technicians, engineers, managers & maintenance technicians

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Communication, Critical Thinking, Personal Effectiveness, Maintenence Basics, Maintenence Systems Basics

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Estimated Effort

2.5 hrs



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