Provided by: Ivy Tech

Theory, service, and repair of medium and heavy truck brake systems and their components.

Course Objectives:

  • Demonstrate proper shop safety practices while using brake tools and equipment.
  • Use and identify tools and equipment used to repair brake systems.
  • Identify and explore operation, construction, and nomenclature of braking system components including hydraulic, air, and mechanical control devices.
  • Use safety procedures while servicing caged spring brake systems.
  • Diagnose and repair ABS and traction control systems on tractors and trailers.
  • Diagnose, service, and repair air brake systems.
  • Test and service air supply and storage circuits.
  • Perform air brake leak down test.
  • Inspect, test, and repair air brake lines and hoses.
  • Replace drive axle bearings, hubs, axle shafts, seals, and wheel studs.

Recommended Background

  • Program Advisor Approval.

Course ID

TRCK 121


Fort Wayne - Indianapolis - Kokomo - Terre Haute


Ivy Tech


Method of Delivery

Face to Face

Estimated Effort

8 weeks


$149.55 per Credit Hour