Advanced Lean Manufacturing

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Continues the philosophical background, historical development, fundamental concepts, operating fundamentals, and the organizational rationale for the implementation of lean disciplines in manufacturing. Practical application of Lean theory by the Toyota Production System will be demonstrated and explained.  Further develops the use and implementation of lean disciplines that results in the ability of an enterprise to develop a work environment that promotes continuous improvement, eliminates waste, reduces operating cost, improves quality, and achieves measurable improvement in customer satisfaction.   

Course Objectives:

  • Develop Just-In-Time manufacturing processes and plans
  •  Compare conventional operating concepts and philosophies to Toyota Production System (TPS)
  •  Describe the basic terms, disciplines, and concepts related to TPS.

Recommended Background

  • PREREQUISITES:  MPRO 201, Lean Manufacturing.

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MPRO 250


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Communication, Critical Thinking, Personal Effectiveness, Just-In-Time Manufacturing, Toyota Production Systems

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