Project Management: Mastering Complexity

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Project success starts with recognizing the main drivers of complexity, which can be highly subjective and highly dynamic. In this course, you will learn to identify what makes a project complex and how to perform a complexity assessment.Examining the elements of a project (such as interfaces, stakeholders, cultures, environment, technology, etc.) and their intricate interactions is key to mastering complexity. You will analyze these elements in the context of your own project. Then, based on our complexity framework, you will identify the complexity footprint of your project and use it to adapt your management processes.

Course Objectives:

  • To identify complexity and its elements
  • To perform a project complexity assessment
  • To develop a complexity footprint
  • To adapt your management processes to fit the complexities of your project
  • To master project complexity.

Recommended Background

  • This course is for (project) engineers with a technical background who lack management knowledge / individuals who are eager to improve project performance and want to expand their knowledge.

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TU Delft


Communication, Critical Thinking, Personal Effectiveness, Analaysis, Project Complexity

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30 hrs


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