Basic Automotive Service

Provided by: Ivy Tech

Learn the operating and general maintenance systems of the modern automobile.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify proper shop safety practices while in the labs.
  • Identify tools & fasteners used in automotive repair.
  • Identify and explain how the automotive repair industry is structured.
  • Identify and explain operation of the 8 major systems of the automobile.
  • Identify and explain what EPA, CAFÉ and NHTSA regulations are and how they affect the automotive industry.
  • Identify and perform basic service and maintenance procedures.
  • Attain readiness to take Shop Key Pro exam.
  • Attain readiness to take SP/2 Mechanical Safety exam.
  • Attain readiness to take SP/2 Pollution Prevention exam.

Recommended Background

  • Program Advisor Approval.

Course ID

AUTI 100


All Campuses


Ivy Tech


Method of Delivery

Face to Face

Estimated Effort

8 weeks


$149.55 per Credit Hour