Fiberglass Plastic Repair

Provided by: Ivy Tech

Introduces types of fiberglass and plastic materials used in auto body repair. Covers both interior and exterior applications.

Course Objectives:

  • Demonstrate proper shop safety practices while in the lab(s). This includes wearing safety glasses (goggles) at all times while in the lab(s).
  • Define hazards and safety of materials. This includes proper handling, storing and use of materials and chemicals used.
  • Select tools and equipment. This includes selecting and properly using tools and equipment for the job.
  • Describe use of composite material.
  • Identify different types of damage.
  • Select related material in composite repair.
  • Repair fiberglass and plastic damage. This includes several methods such as welding, reinforcing, repairing holes and retexturing plastics.

Recommended Background

  • Program Advisor Approval.

Course ID

AUBR 220


Fort Wayne - Terre Haute


Ivy Tech


Method of Delivery

Face to Face

Estimated Effort

8 weeks


$149.55 per Credit Hour