Automotive Body Welding

Provided by: Ivy Tech

Provides basic skills and fundamental knowledge in oxy-fuel welding, cutting, brazing and plasma cutting, gas metal arc welding, squeeze type resistance welding, exterior panel welding and I-CAR welding test preparation.

Course Objectives:

  • Demonstrate the proper safety procedures in oxy-fuel, gas metal arc welding, plasma cutting, squeeze type resistance and exterior panel welding.
  • Set up and shut down an oxy-fuel station properly and safely.
  • Perform soldering and brazing with oxy-fuel equipment.
  • Perform square cut, bevel cut and hole cut with hand-held oxy-fuel cutting torch and plasma cutting equipment.
  • Weld butt, lap and tee joints in the vertical and overhead positions with GMAW.
  • Perform welds with a squeeze type resistance welder.
  • Perform the replacement of body panels, both in steel and plastic parts.
  • Perform all welds necessary for I-CAR welder qualification.
  • Attain readiness to take ICAR Steel Welding Certification exam.

Recommended Background

  • Program Advisor Approval.

Course ID

AUBR 125


Fort Wayne - Terre Haute


Ivy Tech


Method of Delivery

Face to Face

Estimated Effort

8 weeks


$149.55 per Credit Hour