Automotive Paint Fundamentals

Provided by: Ivy Tech

Introduces auto paint considerations with emphasis on the handling of materials and equipment in modern automotive technologies.

Course Objectives:

  • Demonstrate proper shop safety practices while in the lab(s). This includes: always wearing safety glasses while in the lab(s).
  • Define and demonstrate metal conditioners as they relate to the different metals
  • Demonstrate use of primers and sealers according to their uses (per manufacturer’s specifications) as a base for final finishes. This includes the proper mixing and application of both primers and sealers.
  • Discuss and know the difference between enamel, urethane, and lacquer finishes and their applications.
  • Determine the proper amount of paint needed for a specific job.
  • Select the proper type of thinner or reducer needed for a specific job.
  • Demonstrate proper spraying techniques using production type equipment for spraying lacquer and enamel finishes.
  • Demonstrate the proper use and application of base coat/clear coat systems.
  • Clean and maintain spray equipment to remove excess materials remaining after spraying.
  • Properly and safely handle, store, and remove toxic body shop materials.

Recommended Background

  • Program Advisor Approval.

Course ID

AUBR 103


Fort Wayne - Terre Haute


Ivy Tech


Method of Delivery

Face to Face

Estimated Effort

8 weeks


$149.55 per Credit Hour