Industrial Robotics III

Provided by: Ivy Tech

Continues the study of advanced industrial automation and robotic topics including, safety, vision programming, motion programming, work cell integration, non-motion programming, and robot communications.  The course will focus on project management, financial considerations pertaining to an automated work cell, and teamwork principles, as well as automated work cell design and applications where robots are used in industry.  Students will also learn how to properly maintain an industrial robotic arm. This course will use lecture, lab, online simulation and programming to prepare students for C-216 Robot Systems Integration 1 Certification through Smart Automation Certification Alliance (SACA).

Course Objectives:

  • Continued study of advanced safety topics
  • Discuss financial considerations in manufacturing design related to the robotic work cell
  • Discuss the various applications prevalent in manufacturing in which robots are widely used
  • Learn the fundamentals of project management as it applies to a multi-robot work cell in industry
  • Learn basic design skills necessary to modify equipment or to set up new equipment
  • Understand how to identify and suggest improvements to increase efficiency
  • Discuss preparation of the work cell for maintenance
  • Engage in and perform standard robotic maintenance
  • Learn how to properly size a robot for a specific application
  • Understand how the vision equipped system works
  • Prepare to earn advanced industry recognized robotic certifications
  • Design and or build a project that incorporates all facets of technical knowledge pertaining to robots learned in the previous courses.

Recommended Background

  • PREREQUISITES:  ADMF 206 Industrial Robotics II

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ADMF 226


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Communication, Critical Thinking, Personal Effectiveness, Advanced Robotics, Advanced Automation, Robotic Maintenence, Robotic & Automation Programming, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

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