Lean Safety

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In manufacturing environments, a proactive approach to safety, with involvement from employees at all levels, can increase employee productivity and commitment, save money, and improve the organizationĂ­s reputation. In this course, you will learn how lean manufacturing concepts, such as eliminating the eight wastes, can be used to improve safety; you will also learn the fundamentals of building a culture of safety commitment as opposed to compliance.

Course Objectives:

  • Explain how lean concepts can be used to improve safety
  • Describe the difference between safety compliance and safety commitment
  • Explain how to build a culture of safety commitment
  • Describe the process associated with a gemba safety walk
  • List best practices for implementing safety solutions
  • List key elements required for maintaining safety commitment.

Recommended Background

  • Recommended for Safety professionals, engineers, managers and supervisors, and other personnel responsible for workplace safety.

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Purdue University MEP


Communication, Critical Thinking, Personal Effectiveness, Lean Manufacturing, Saftey Improvement

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